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Melanin Crown



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Why Choose Our Hair Detangler Brush?

  • Flexible bristles for easy detangling without pulling
  • Durable and resistant
  • Perfect for any hair type, texture, or size
  • Versatile use for styling, style prepping, and detangling;
  • Eco-friendly materials
  • Easy to use on wet and dry hair  


    What You Need

    Regardless of your hair type, detangling and styling your hair can be a tough job without the right accessories! Our detangler brush is designed to meet all your hair grooming needs, ensuring easy use and smooth gliding through any hair texture, making hair styling both more comfortable and easier!

    Built to Last

    The hairbrush features a combination of high-quality flexible bristles made with durable ABS plastic, which is also eco-friendly and safe, and a non-slip rubber handle, that provides outstanding resistance! The brush is also resistant to high temperatures up to 302 degrees F, which makes it safe to use with a blow dryer.  

    For Any Hair Type

    Thanks to the advanced design with 8 layers of claw-like flexible bristles, this brush can glide smoothly through thick, thin, dry, wavy, curly, or natural afro hair. Also, it can be used on wet and dry, long or short hair, kids, elderly, or people with sensitive scalps as it doesn’t pull the hair or cause any discomfort.

    Adjustable Bracket

    Our hairbrush features an adjustable bracket and 2 split-level bracket slots that allows you to detangle your hair more effectively, by simply adjusting the bracket to the desired level and adapting the brush to your hair needs, texture, or size. Use the first level for short, thin hair and the second level for thick and long hair.

    Comfortable and Easy to Use

    Featuring an ergonomic anti-slip handle, flexible but durable bristles, and a balanced design, our curly hair brush can be used both vertically and horizontally and does an excellent job at detangling your hair, removing knots, or prepping your hair without pulling, breaking, or creating any discomfort.

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